Urban Sciences – intersection between architecture/urban planning and science. We apply insights and theories from biology and mathematics to the design of architecture/urban planning.

Architecture and urban planning are developed as social-technologies. They enable us to live together comfortably, even in highly dense areas. In making a plan, we imagine the human activities that will take place in the built environment. This gives architects the ability to use creativity and imagination to design a space.

However, the advance of digital technologies and their permeation throughout our daily life revolutionizes how we design and create a city in a fundamental way. Sensors dispersed around the city enable us to collect various types of data and change the scale of data to large-scale – Bigdata. Bigdata is used to extract the patterns of our activities through scientific processes. 

Our lab attempts to introduce science to architecture and urban planning. Based on the idea that the sciences and technologies are different, we measure the built environment through advanced digital technologies and analyze the collected big data in a scientific way. This is Urban Sciences.

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